For whom the bell tolls

" Its snowing."

Someone said though whom none within the group could be certain as a skyward glance proved the revelation true enough. A soft white fine powder of snow drifting upon a still colder and colder breeze.

" Honestly, It just gets better and better doesn't in." Cyndel grumbled pulling long gloves an a heavy cloak from her pack.

As the fellowship advanced along the main road twords the bridge a quick downward glance revealed nothing. For below the bridge was not but an seemingly endless darkness.

As was planned it was Artimis who crossed the bridge ahead of the others the sound of a great bell sounding once for each member of the party as they crossed some unseen threshold. And yet even as the sound of the bell faded no attack came and all was stillness and quiet as they cleared the open gates into the ancient courtyard and there a measure further a set of stone steps and at the top a great double door.

It was only than that the great gate began to slowly decent offering the fearful ample time to escape before the spikes at the bottom sunk into the earth.

Silence and darkness followed than for longest time until the sound of a small rock sounded at the base of the wall. All eyes moving upwards to behold the walls on all four sides were adorned in in unmoving stone statues of demons and fanciful monsters … only after a moment it became clear that many of them where moving and that as the fellowship stared into the darkness. Countless pairs of red glowing eyes stared back.

" Gargoyles … " Cyndel announced what everyone one was already thinking. " A lot of fucking Gargoyles."

" Shit." Someone else said just before the stonework creatures screamed in one unholy voice taking to the air.


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