Organic Fruit Pasta

" Gargoyles …, " Cyndel said, announcing the obvious to the blind and dumb. "A lot of fucking Gargoyles."

" Shit," someone, probably Artimis said.

Vader drew his sword with a wicked grin. After Invicta's death, he needed this. Dozens of the winged mongrels swooped in, all at once. He tightened his grip, waiting for the right moment. Then he swung. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? An EXPLOSION, that's what! Dust and rock flew everywhere as he battered, rather than cut his way through the first gargoyle.

Then he caught another one by is hind leg and wrenched it down, out of the air. It shrieked and cracked as he slammed it into the ground and then shattered as he whipped it around and smashed it into another attacker.

"Ha ha ha!" he laughed like a mad man.

Then three more gargoyles swooped in and knocked him to the ground. One bit into his embrace and tore the piece of armor from his arm. It clattered, broken and mangled across the courtyard. His eyes blazed red and he stared into the gargoyles' stone counterparts, and the creatures knew fear.

"Veil of Corruptus!" he cast.

In that impenetrable darkness, he crushed their stone skulls with his bare hands. When the light returned, he stood triumphantly atop the rubble that once made up their bodies.

Swatting the snow away, he looked up to the sky.

"Good! There are more!" he said.

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