Cat scratch fever...

Artimis Yowled,”Oh shit!” as it was articulated elsewhere from the party as the gargoyles attacked. Artimis had two advantages in this form and a big disadvantage.

The first was he was as nimble as a scared cat, of which he was giving a stellar performance. The second was he had the grace of a cat, able to leap twist and turn so he jump on and off the diving gargoyles. He managed to crash a couple into the ground till one pulled up with him on his back. This is where the disadvantage came into play.

Claws and teeth do not work well against stone. In fact, he found he couldn't even scratch the stone. A smart cat, would have jumped, but Artimis placed his front paws over the Gargoyle's eyes and tried to stir it at a wall. The result was a collision of two massive gargoyles, one trying to gain height and the second trying to smash Rebecca. Rebecca released an arrow that skimmed past Artimis by half an inch and impacted on another gargoyle. The air became electrically charged and Artimis' fur stood on end as he completed his jump, which was more like a fall. As he reached the wall in the air, there was a loud snap as the Static Electricity discharged on a stream of ice dripping down the wall. Artimis let our another yowel of pain and tried to turn to kick off the wall with his hind legs.

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