Banshee's Scream


Cyndel didn't have time to try and sort out how many there were or how powerful they could be. Rather instinct guided her telling her that there a lot and that any one was more than a match for any one Gnoll or Shadow. And that while she couldn't be certain regarding how the others would handle things she had to trust that her companions could hold their own and that they in turn would expect the same from her.

Having expected undead fire based spells had been the obvious choice to store in her ring for quick access.

In the case of Gargoyles however she needed to draw upon her raw power and channel it quickly into a spell more suited for the threat they faced.

The spell that she required came to her quickly however as did the Symantec and verbal requirements. Her hands quickly drawing out the required patterns in the air as she spoke the words before then taking a final deep breath.

The scream that escaped her lips in that next moment was a horrid and unholy sound that dwarfed the noise the Gargoyles had made to little more than a bird calls. The sound becoming a wave of solid force that slammed into the ranks of the advancing creatures launching them into the keeps ancient stone walls. Several of the smaller ones being shattering to pieces almost outright while a number of larger ones recovering quickly though many clearly having suffered damage from the powerful spell having lost limbs a portions of their stone armor.


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