His Return and Blood.

He watched as everyone jumped in to action. He saw movement out of the corner of his eye. The Warforged flying though the air with his sword raised high. It was Invicita a feeling of relief came over Glenn but how and why would have to come later it was him. He was here to help as he slashed at a Gargoyle. sparks flew as he hit the Gargoyle braking it in to pieces before he landed on the ground.

Glenn swung his Mace back it glowed brightly as if it knew it was about to hit the Gargoyles flying at him. Glenn cast “Deus autem lux, telum Sanctus” that boosted the Maces effectiveness. The mace glows gold and brighter the light burns the stone of the Gargoyles as it blackened cracks formed and pieces broke away. He swings the mace across his body in front of him a band of gold light fly’s forward striking three Gargoyles turning them first black then white before they crumble the smoldering stone smashing in to the ground.

Glenn could see the fellowship was holding their own. He had to back up close to a wall to make sure none of the Gargoyles got be hind him or the fellowship. He swings the mace back hitting a fourth Gargoyle as his Mace strikes it burst in to blue holy flames and vanishes in to dust. Glenn watch as the fifth one closed on him fast he could not do nothing as it hit his chest. He flew back in to the wall the Gargoyle screamed out as the light pierced its stone body burning it. Glenn knew he had been hit hard as he fell to one knee. The Gargoyle landed on his hind legs trying to take a swipe at Glenn with its claws but missed. It was blinded by the light Glenn was giving off. Thrusting his mace forward he hit the stone Gargoyle it exploded in to gold light nothing but dust was left.

He tried to stand it was hard. He could feel his bruised ribs it was hard to breath. His armor chest plate was dented you could see the holes from were the claw had pierced his armor. A little blood ran down his chest. The feeling he had not experience in the game before. Not since the war, has he felt like this. He leaned against the wall behind him. “mark one for the monsters” he mumbles to himself. He watches as the others keep fighting the Gargoyles.

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