She's Back

Nathan sat on a park bench in a park that was within walking distance of his apartment. It was a place he and his ex-girlfriend would go on walks and have picnics back in the day. He could almost feel the sun on his face inside this memory/simulation that somehow formed inside his head.

Kara stood off to the side, her broadsword buried in the grass as she stared at him with a mix of annoyance and concern. "How long are you going to sit there?"


"The others need us." Kara said.

"Don't care." Nathan sighed as he crossed his arms and turned away from the Amazonian warrior woman.

"You and I will die if you do nothing!" Kara said, her voice rising as her temper towards him worsened.

"Maybe that's for the best. I'm stuck in this fucking game. Probably still sat at my computer stewing in my own piss and shit while my brain's in this digital purgatory." Nathan sighed. "Perfect end to a worthless life."

"No life is worthless." Kara said. "Not if you have the will to use it."

"Never had much of that either." Nathan sighed again.

"I can't believe someone like you could be capable of creating someone like me." Kara said.

"You're basically a masturbatory male fantasy. Lots of depressed losers like me have created characters like you." Nathan said.

"Because women like me are what you desire?" She moved to stand in front of him and opened her arms to display herself.

"...Yes." Nathan finally said.

"And what do you think a woman like me wants in a man?" Kara asked.

"Not me." Nathan said with what sounded like absolute certainty. "Hence the 'fantasy' part."

"We certainly don't want meek cowards." Kara said. "But as young lads go, you're not... repulsive."

"You're just saying that because we're gonna die soon."

"True... but it's also not false. You're a fine young man. You're humorous, and you've proven to be capable in combat. Even if it's through me. That's your bravery." Kara said.

"Seems that bravery was very limited."

"You're just feeling lost. And it sounds like you weren't doing so well in spirit when you first created me."

"No... I guess I wasn't."

"You still miss her." Kara said, her features softened.

"No." Nathan said firmly. "I just..."

"She betrayed you." Kara put her hand on his shoulder. "Such is life."

"Yeah, well life can suck it..." Then he paused, his eyes widened with realization. "Maybe..."

"What is it?"

"Maybe... maybe I don't want to go back???" Nathan frowned. "Maybe... maybe this is a good thing? A new life? A second chance?"

"But you'd be stuck in my body." Kara said.

"And what a body to be stuck in!" Nathan grinned.

"What about me?" Kara asked. "Suffice it to say, since we started this dialogue my skull has felt rather cluttered."

Nathan shrugged. "I dunno... maybe... maybe we could find a way to get separated? Bet some wily warlock has a spell for such a situation, right?"

Kara shrugged. "I have no knowledge of such magics."

"We won't know until we go out there and look." Nathan stood up on the picnic table and looked to Kara. "What do you say? Come with me? Let's find the answer together!"

"And will you put aside this constant moping?" Kara asked.

Nathan smirked. "Yeah. Let's go kick some gargoyle ass!" He offered her his hand. "Care to take over and let out some of that frustration?"

Kara's eyes opened to the scene before them as the group began to do battle with the incoming gargoyles. "With pleasure..."

Kara produced her broadsword and surged towards the first gargoyle she found. Her eyes met the vacant stone eyes of her quarry and with a holler she raised her sword and rushed towards it. With the grace of a dancer she weaved between the gargoyle's slashes and brought her sword down on it. Her sword's enchanted blade, rendering it permanently sharp, proved more than capable of severing the stone armor. The gargoyle's head was sliced in half down the middle and it fell into a pile of rubble.

"Holy crap! That was awesome!" Nathan said inside Kara's head.

"Glad you're entertained," Kara said. "Now be silent until the battle is won. I need all my attention focused on fighting!"

"Shutting up." Nathan replied.

Kara turned and ducked just before another gargoyle came sailing down from above. It landed behind her and let out a roar that sounded like to massive cinder blocks grinding together in the bowels of hell. Kara brandished her sword and responded with a holler of her own. The gargoyle lunged at her, but Kara was fleet footed and managed to leap over the stony bastard. She turned quickly and slashed at the creature's back. She missed and the gargoyle managed to take a swipe at her legs. She fell onto her side and quickly rolled away before the gargoyle had the opportunity to pounce onto her. She flowed from the roll into a sort of flip which allowed her to get back up onto her feet and ready for the next attack. The gargoyle roared again and lunged at her, taking off into the air as it did.

Just before it reached her, Kara dropped onto one knee and held her sword high and braced for the inevitable impact. The gargoyle collided with the edge of her blade and ended up bisecting itself on her sword. It fell to pieces behind her, and without missing a beat Kara stood back up and proceeded to the next gargoyle she could find. Instead, she found Glenn bracing himself against the nearby wall, clearly suffering injuries.

“mark one for the monsters” he mumbles to himself.

She stood next to him and readied her sword. "I regret my other half was so slow in stepping up to defend our friends. Hold fast Inquisitor! I'll see that we both relish many battles beyond this day..."

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