Combat Spells

What remained of nearly two dozen of the creatures littered the courtyard with nearly four to five times that number still circling waiting for an opportunity to attack.

Cyndel had only just finished the semantics requirements for another spell launching a dozen glowing elderic spikes into a pair of rapidly advancing monsters. The pair reduced to lifeless rock in an instance collapsing to rubble before her eyes as third she had missed flew past her as its claws ripped through her cloak barely missing her but yanking her off her feet and ass first into the snow.

" Son of a … " She cursed sharply scrabbling to her feet again just as another pair of smaller Gargoyles armed with short iron spears landed stabbing cruelly into the snow-covered earth where she just been moments before hissing in anger and hatred at her.

" Yeah, Well fuck you too … "

Cyndel hissed back blasting the pair to rubble with a raw burst of magical energy.


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