Artimis’ hair was still trying to dissipate the static charge from the arrow and some floated loosely in the air clinging to everything near by, everything but him. The engineering part of his brain looked at the disbursement pattern with a new insight. The cat part of his brain reminded him that he was a cat and these monsters could kill him without much effort.

As Andrew watched he wondered. These Gargoyles were not really flying as int flapping their wings and gaining air, they were diving and flying like an F-15 fighter jet with engine problems. Basically a flying swear cover. That meant in the next couple rounds there would be a massive swarm of Gargoyles on the ground. It also meant that they could crash if there was a strong down draft. It also meant that they climbed the walls to get back to their roosts.

He ran for Glenn, meowed looking at him then started to climb the wall.

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