Artimis and Angels

Glenn was happy to have Kara next to him he had always been in the back or middle in his last party being the lowest level person there. Now he was in charge of his own Party and one of the highest levels in the party. The screeching of the Gargoyles brought him bake to the battle he knew that the party would survive this. He was about to let a blast of holy light lose when a small black cat raced right at him. For a little thing it was moving Glenn gest it was Artimis he was crying out but in cat talk something Glenn knew nothing of. Two Gargoyles dove for the cat they moved in to position to pounce on Artimis. The Cat running right by Glenn and jumping on to the wall he started his way up.

Glenn did not watch Artimis he focused on the two Gargoyles coming at him now. He wanted to try this for a long time he lifted his mace in to the air and said “Custos Fidei, Deus autem lux” summoning an Angel the wing women appeared above him in the air. The guardian had a gleaming sword and shield emblazoned with the symbol of Aura. With a bright flash of light, the two Gargoyles turn to ash along with two others nearby. The other Gargoyles nosiest the Angel rapidly they turned to attack when she let out a loud scream then vanished. The Gargoyles paused covering their ears some flying in to the walls others flying in to one another there was rock flying everywhere. They back off they seemed to fear That sound.

Glenn turned to look at Artimis cat form on the wall and wondered what he was up too. He was about the size of a lynx’s or a big house cat. Glenn looked back to the others to see if anyone was in trouble. The bleeding had stopped his combat recovery skills where hi the amount of health he got back was a good amount. He had not had to heal anyone yet and hoped he did not have too. The spell he uses was a lower level he wondered what the angel would be like if he uses the mace, he could summon 4 high angels though that. If things got to tuff, he could call the guardian angel how much power dose that angel have he asks himself. he only hopped he never had too.

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