Artimis was happy to see the angel appear and happier to see the Gargoyles that had chosen him get blasted. The crashing into the wall motivated him to climb faster. He would tru to secure the top of the wall and push off any statuary or pillars down on the Gargoyles and because they were hoarding creatures, there treasure would be near their perches. So, maybe there was something worth “borrowing” for the time being.

Rebecca grabbed one of the explosive arrows and set what she thought was the fuse timer. She drew back and let it fly. As she released it one of the small gargoyles cold cocked her right on the side of the head. Making her head ring and blood to flow Dow the side of her head.

She did what any girl would do. As she crumpled and between tears she let loose a string of obscenities that would make a British, Spanish, and Italian Sailor proud. She even invoked something close to Corruptus’ name in a rather unpleasant way that would not be physically possible for a human or a gargoyle.

Her Arrow flew true and as it hit its mark the fuse sputtered for a second and as the arrow started to fall, it exploded. The shockwave ripped into the flying Gargoyles near the explosion ripping the wings and disrupting the air currents.

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