How do you say Oh shit in Cat?

Artimis had finally made it to the top of the wall and started down its length. From one of the perches a hissing sound came and little wings spread. It was a new hatchling Gargoyle that was still in the roost. As Artimis approached it expressed it's displeasure. It did not take much to capture it. It was cute in an ugly sort of way. Not knowing much about Gargoyles, if they were trainable or not. He thought he would take it down to check it out.

As Artimis grabbed it in his moutht, the wall started to collapse. It was an impressive sight being on top of a wall that was crumbling as the grown in the court yard did the same. He saw Glenn and started to run that way. At the last moment he leaped for Glenn as the whole thing collapsed. Lucky for him, he ended up on top of the pile, the hatchling still firmly in his bite hissing and squirming. He was going to see if he could keep it.

He worked at removing his claw from the leather straps of Glenn's armor and acknowledged the words about his welfare with a nice tail flick.

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