It's a Trap!

" Holy Shit..." Was all Glory could think to say as she scanned through the double doors that opened into the great hall beyond filled to nearly overflowing with coins and treasure. " It's a fucking Dragons hoard ?"

Cyndel who was kneeling at the entrance examining the quest marker, looking this way and that before shaking her head. " No, its not a Dragons hoard. I know I've seen this place before somewhere."

"So it's a recycled encounter." Glory frowned glancing down the great hallway sorting out in her head which treasures she wanted to grab first.

Recycled encounters were not unheard in a game as large as Dungeons Dark and Deep. In fact many of random enounters tended to be recycled with flexible monster counts and treasure differences.

This one however was a specific encounter from a specific quest that Cyndel remembered playing through before.

" I remember now... " Cyndel hissed sharply rising to her feet. " It was one of the Proving Grounds challenges for the Wizard of the Dark Tower quest."

Glory offered Cyndel a quick look. "
The Dark Tower quests, Shit that was like five years ago wasn't it? "

" Real time... " Cyndel nodded her agreement. " I remember it because I had just joined a my first party as Cyndel and I was forced to work with that pervert Tommy Two-Fingers. He was stuck with seeing to it that I knew what to do to get past the required challenges so I could hook-up with the main party waiting to start the first quest."

Glory frowned. " So I take it that it wasn't that hard than ?"

" No, Its next impossible actually ... " Cyndel smirked. " The whole things rigged to play on the Character's greed. The treasure is there to distract the character and slow you down. The goal is simply to clearing the chamber before you find yourself overwhelmed. You see once we cross the quest marker here the room starts auto-generating Ghouls every 20 seconds multiplying the number generated each interval."

" So like 1, than 2, than 4, than 8, etc etc ... " Glory offered filling in the blanks.

" Right... " Cyndel confirmed with a nod. " The first couple of Ghouls are easy kills but the number increases pretty quickly and your first impulse is to grab everything you can and run but by than its too late and you have like two or three dozen Ghouls ready to kill your ass."

Glory frowned her annoyance. " So don't grab all the treasure you can carry ?"

Cyndel nodded. " You can grab an item here or a pack there but the objective is to get from this end of the great hall to that end as quickly as possible."

Glory gave a half nod pausing in mid motion. " Wait... What keeps the Ghouls from following us out the other end ? "

"Oh yeah, There's a big ass metal gate at the other end that starts lowering as soon as we trigger the Quest Marker."

Glory nodded her understanding. " So its a do or die kinda thing."

Cyndel nodded. " Pretty Much."


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