A Race Against Time

No sooner had they crossed the threshold then quest marker had been triggered and the countdown began. A set of near transparent numbers taking shape in misty filled air just ahead of them starting the timer at 200 seconds.

Cyndel hated it but no sooner did she see the timer did she start running the numbers in her head as she started down the length of the long hall coming up with the absurd high figure of some 1,000+ ghouls give or take, generated by the rooms magic by the time 200 seconds ran out.

" Fuck me ... " Cyndel observed just as the first Ghoul appeared and was dispatched just as quickly by Glory's Great Axe.

It was just as she cleared a skeleton in full plate laying dead on a large pile of coins that she caught sight of a glowing blade partially extended from its scabbard laying on the stone floor a few meters further on.

"Sword!" She announced slowing just long enough to collected the weapon as she passed it.

" You said not to grab anything? " Glory announced in annoyance as she caught up to Cyndel.

" No." Cyndel countered as she ran. " I said that you shouldn't just grab all you can carry."

"Oh," Glory mused. " In that case ... " Glory announced pulling a pack off the back of a long dead adventurer impaled upon a standing pike as they ran past.

" 140 seconds ... " Glory announced.

" Half way there... " Cyndel agreed.

Clearing another obstacle Cyndel offered a quick backwards glance noting the rapidly advancing Ghouls. Only eight of them but still more than enough to slow them down when they caught up.

"Keep going ... " Cyndel announced stopping suddenly thrusting the sword into her belt before starting into the requirements of a spell.

" invisibilia obice murus... "

Cyndel looked on with a grim satisfaction as the savage Ghouls ran head long into the unseen Barrier but it was also clear that the magic that made up the barrier was fading faster than it otherwise would.

A soft ticking of a clock reached her ears causing her to glance upwards as the countdown display reached 100.


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