A Race Against Time - Part 2

" Come on! " Glory hissed sharply as they made for the exit at the halls far end. The dark elf dashing past her with surprisingly ease at a pace that only an elf could manage.

The ticking of the unseen clock grew still louder as the ran. A quick upwards glance showing that only 90 seconds remained while another quick backwards glance alerted her to the fact that the ghouls held back by her elven companions invisible barrier had multiplied from around just ten to nearly forty. A literal wall of teeth and claws pounding away at the unseen wall between them and their prey.

" Holy Shit Cyn, Is that barrier of yours gonna ... "

As if in answer to her unfinished question a sharp crackling sound was heard. Followed after by the mindless chatter of the Ghouls as they came rushing forward across the coin covered floors.

" No, No It's not ... " Cyn called back over her shoulder proving once again that she was the master of pointing out the obvious as she picked up speed and rushing past a treasure covered dinning table snatching up one of several abandon backpacks from one of the benches. " Last one for me ... "

Glory took the hint collecting another of the abandon packs as she followed after throwing the strap over the same shoulder as she held the first she had acquired in the moments before.

The problem with Ghouls is that aside from being undead they were without question viciously cruel little bastards and crazy fast on top of everything else and even at a full run neither Glory nor Cyndel could hope to out distance them.

It was only just as Glory was pasted the table that she chanced to notice that the Ghouls had already covered more than half the distance between them from where they'd started only moments before. It was painfully obvious to her that the pack would overtake them well before they cleared the exit.

" Cyn! " Glory screamed at her companion. " We're about to gang banged by a bunch of undead dick."

The Dark elf glanced back briefly nodding her understanding digging into her beltpouch and producing a trio of spherical glass vessels, tossing one after another over her shoulder.

" Greek Fire! "

Glory nodded her understanding catching each vessel in turn in her free hand before turning on her heel and launching the three sphere's into the oncoming mass of undead bodies.

Cyndel for her part wasting no time with verbal or semantic requirements and drawing upon the power stored in her rings. Launching a fairly impressive flaming sphere into ranks of undead Ghouls.

There wasn't even time for a single breath before the three vessel's exploded one after another in a brilliant display light and sound. The blasts either consuming the Ghouls outright or tossing them about like rag dolls.

" Hurry... " Glory sounded off realising they were almost out of time the sound of chains clearly to be heard coupled with a loud metallic clicking.

" Almost there." Cyndel called back.

Glory's gaze moved upward momentarily catching sight of the spiked iron gate descending quickly from its hidden recess in the ceiling. The pair making a mad dash across that final distance the two of them only just clearing the doorway as the Iron gate slammed into the floor with a resounding boom that signaled the end of the challenge.


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