Definitely A Trap

I nodded in acknowledgment. Pity though, I'd hoped we'd be leaving soon if I'd known better I wouldn't have reduced the goblin to a sack'a fucking potatoes. Oh well, a little weight wouldn't slow me down much, he might even wake up before we were done with this place, which could very well be more bad than good, only time would tell.

"We better move then, huh?"

It seemed we had wrecked the numbers of the mobs on this level of the dungeon, it was but darkness and silence now. We found a flight of spiral stairs and descended them down to the next level. I initially thought the silence would be a bit more peaceful, however, I revoked that though quickly. It was only more tense, as every corner was potential for yet another scrap. However, it seemed our venture so far on this floor would go unperturbed. That was until I felt a now all-too-familiar tug on reality.

Turning, I spotted the culprit, a lone goblin armed with a bow, seeming having leaped out of some darkened crack or crevice. With a quick slash, the threat in the airborne arrow was vanquished, and now I looked on to the creature with fury. The thing stumbled backward, overcome with fear, and turned on its heels meaning to escape. That wasn't happening. With a single step, I swung my blade with as wide and forceful of a slash as possible and channeled my samurai power into the steel.


A blue wave flashed forward, crashing into the goblin and bisecting it before crashing into the nearby wall with enough force to leave a horizontal slash mark behind. With that, I slid my blade back into its scabbard. It seemed that was the only enemy anywhere close, knowing these vermin they'd all come swarming out of the walls like roaches at the slightest sound of activity. It seemed one of ours had been through here. There was no way that goblin spawned all on its own.

"Must be going the right way then."

I poked my head around the corner to a lot a set of giant double doors. Well, this was new. We all rounded the corner and the double doors demanded attention above all else.

"You think it's a trap?" I asked, turning to Vader, "This is the only way forward. They must have gone through here."

I placed my hand on the door, half expecting some sort of magical reaction, specifically of the harmful kind. I found myself reeling at the sound of a distant boom indicative of something heavy slamming into something, but that was all. With a glance at Vader and Niko, I began pushing and the doors slowly swung open.

On the other side, trinkets rolled across the ground as if being pulled by magnets. Platforms and tables shifted up and down, left and right as if the room where a Rubik's cube and some unseen hand was hard at work solving it. Of course, none of this was visible to those entering it now, by the time the great double doors had opened everything had stopped and long rested, and it looked as if this variation and orientation of the room was simply the way it had always been.

"Well shit." I typed, face to face with a long hall filled with piles of shimmering golden trinkets, coins, and other items.

"It's like a dragon's horde." I had paused midway through, but since it was typed and barring the time it took to enter the words into the chat box, it came out as one complete thought, "Good thing Pepperjack isn't awake, or he'd be all over this room. This is a lot of stuff, but it's definitely a-"

My thoughts were interrupted as I noticed a familiar skinny white-haired half-goblin slide across the ground, an expression on his face as if he were close to climaxing.

"MY GOOD GOD!" Pepper Jack screamed wildly, before leaping to his feet and charging forward.

Wasn't he just on my shoulder? AND UNCONSCIOUS!?!?

It seemed after he had stepped over a certain point, some unknown even had jumped into gear. The double doors behind us slammed closed with a sudden speed that seemed impossible with respect to their earlier weight. There was some sort of clicking as a set of near transparent numbers started to take shape in misty filled air just ahead of them displaying 200 seconds remaining. The pieces fell into place quickly, and no sooner had I seen the clock did I start moving.

"Trap! Teap!" I typed vigorously, paying no attention to the mistype and sprinting as fast as my metallic legs would carry me. I remembered my experience with a strikingly similar quest a few years back. We needed to get to the other side of this chamber and fast. A party member at the time had gotten a little too carried away grabbing trinkets and was devoured by ghouls. Of course the player was met with a game over screen, completely detached from the horrors his character was experiencing. That wouldn't be the case here.

"Don't grab SHIT!" I typed, pulling at Pepperjack as I ran by in an attempt to get his attention.

"We don't have time to stand around, just RUN!"

As if on cue, ghouls began to materialize at the start of the room, growling with animalistic fury before bounding off behind us.

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