Cat crazy - revised

Artimis ducked and rolled as the head bounced down the hallway towards him like a bloody lopsided basketball wobbling in it’s path. It wasn’t the thought of blood in his fur that made him move quickly, it was the blood of someone else in his fur and on his body that made him move. Even as he did, Artimis started to feel the pain in his tail as the poison started to work. When the battle changed and Glenn was injured and the Druid stood guard, Artimis thought he needed to do something. With thinking that was a little unclear, kind of like someone on a three day bender with Dwarven Ale and an open paid tab. He started to move.

He noticed that the lower edges of the walls were covered in dust and cobwebs. The dust wanted to make him sneeze, but he resisted. He tried to slink, but rather staggered like a drunken cat leaning up against the wall at moments. The saving grace was that his fur nearly matched the color of the cobwebs. He stayed at the edge of the darkness and moved slowly. He was not really worrying about the goblins seeing him. He kind of looked like a furry spider from the cobwebs. He had to move slowly in order to keep from falling over. He leaned against the wall to keep from falling over. As he got close to a goblin, the big ball of cobwebs coiled then released as he launched in the air trying to catch the goblin’s head and knock it back or over.

When he made contact he dug in with his claws and teeth. It was dumb luck that helped him land on the goblin’s throat. His strength was declining. He dug teeth dug into the soft flesh of the goblins neck and he locked his jaws till he could taste blood. The goblin tried to pull him off at first then started beating on him. A vicious blow drove the incisors deeper and the canines punctured the carotid artery and blood started to squirt wildly with each heart beat. Artimis was going to be laying on the ground, probably non-responsive. But he wasn’t going to give up. Even taking one down would help the fellowship.

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