Meeting up with the others

Sliding down the wall Glenn`s body could not move from the poison now running through him the bleeding had not stopped his armor now covered in blood. He thought to himself good hit goblins not only did you give a toxin to paralyzes but also an anticoagulant that why you can’t move and can’t stop the bleeding. The blood had not yet stated to pool on the ground next to him. He looked through his blurry vision over to a large snake squeezing a Goblin crashing bones the sound the bones snapping sent shivers down his spine.

As the last Goblin fell Dalin appeared for the shadow running forward reaching in to one of his pouches the dwarf pulled out a vial of liquid. Dropping to one knee he quickly picks up one of the goblins weapons he pops the cork off the vial and poured the liquid over the edge of the weapon. The clear liquid turned orange. Dalin dropped the blade and walked over to Glenn. Dalin opened another pouch he looked in and pulled two more out two more he pops the corks off. holding the vials in both hands mixing them he combines them. he pours some on to Glenn shoulder then pours some down Glenn’s throat holding his nose. Glenn chokes some but swallows it. “You will live tin man, you will be down for about 2 minutes.” Says the Dwarf.

Dalin looks at the cat “well what a waste on a cat, but hell” walks over and He picks the cat up and pours the last of the liquid in to its mouth. “there you go cat you will live too” he puts the cat down next to Glenn. He looks up at everyone “They will live, I think. It will take some time for the antidote to work. Nasty stuff the Goblins had on their weapons” says the dwarf. He walks over watching the goblin bodies dissolve as coins and jewels appear where their bodies were. He turns and walks to the doorway they came through. “Hmm….” He entered and walk out with a small chest “can some one store this?”

After everything was collected Glenn`s hand moved he griped his mace it lit the room he said casting “Arua, Deus autem lux, cibus corporis animum expiaret, sanitatem divina” he says out loud as a bright ball of light appears over him the rays of light touching everything and people in the room. A worm feeling comes over you as any injuries are healed sickness or poison is cured. The light dissipates as Glenn stands to his feet slowly. “ok that sucked” he says his speech slightly slurred. Then turning to the Dwarf “thank you, you save us I think” Glenn said smiling.

The dwarf just gave a nod back in reply. With everyone on their feet now and ready to go. Dalin walk back in to the room where the goblin had come “Fallow me, I found something” he said. The dwarf walked to a wall pushing on a stone a part of the wall moved opening to a passageway. He looked down in to the passageway “well then, lets go I think it is safe” he said. Walking in as the group fallowed the passage it turned back and forth leading down deeper and deeper in to the dungeon the stone changed several times the Dwarf stops more than a few times checking the passage out. After a little more the passage ends Dalin looks over the wall. “O look a trap” he moves to another wall “stay on this side he finds a weird stone and turns it a door opens leading to a room where they see others from the fellowship resting “ya a party! Anyone got Ale?” as he walks in announcing their arrival.

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