"Honestly, What the hell was that thing ?" Cyndel announced as the pair cleared the corridor. Glory pausing long enough to clean the blood and gore from her axe.

"Spider-Goblins I think..." Glory mused. " You know Goblins, They'll breed with anything that has a cunt. "

Cyndel made a sickly face and pausing than raising a single digit to her lips as she listened. " Hear that ?"

Glory stopped as well listened for a moment " Well its not K-pop."

Cyndel rolled her eyes. " No its the something else."

Glory listened for a bit more than smiled. " It's the Song of the Great Mother Bethesda. One of her Holy shrines must be nearby. "

" Sanctuary. " Cyndel smiled happily. " Finally, I knew this he'll hole couldn't be and endless shit show."


" Beloved Mother." Glory announced as the entered the Sanctuary bending just enough to kiss each breast of the glowing marble bust.

Cyndel smiled shaking her head in disbelief. " I will never understand why you do that?

" Bethesda's my patron deity. " Glory smiled. " She's not overly demanding and she doesn't exclude anyone from her faith including Infernal bitches of Chaos like me. "

" No, I mean why are you always kissing her breasts ?"

Glory shrugged. " Oh, well I read that before the French started kiss each other on the cheek that back in the day that it was considered polite to kiss the top of a woman's breasts as a form of greeting rather than her lips or face. The idea was so you don't mess up her make-up and the idea just got stuck in my head. Also I think she likes it because I always got lucky afterwards."

Cyndel shrugged. " To each their own I guess."

A resounding boom was heard in the distance drawing Cyndel's attention to the corridor. " Well either someone's really Fucked or they cleared the Hoard Room."


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