Who is setting up whom?

If it wasn’t for being a prisoner, Rebecca might have actually enjoyed the meal served to her. The meat was a medium rare and juicy. The vegetables were not over cooked and the bread was warm. The wine was one that was sweet, no sense wasting the good stuff on an undeveloped palate.

The Librarian wanted something from her. This was clear to her, as he had spent much of the time she had been eating asking her questions about what she thought and wanted. It was strange conversation to be having with a MOB, she thought. Why would anyone care, she was given a task to do and she was clearly failing it. The fellowship was somewhere above making their way down. Lich were no push over MOB, Vader is a crushing killing machine when he gets close. But a MOB that is a high level spell caster, can wrap death magic around the entire party at a range and has power over the dead within its domain.

As there was the sound of a collapse above, the Librarian got a more serious look on his face. “I have shown you my kindness, now I need you to do something simple for me,” he said in a tone that was a command. A servant brought over a box with two rings in it. “Put them on,” Rebecca did not sure where this was going. Then he walked over and pulled a book from the shelf. He turned to a page, “Read this to me.”

Rebecca did as she was told. The words looked strange but they made sense to her. The first thing she read was a [i]detect thoughts spell.[i] He recited it back memorizing it. As she read through spells for him, low level to start. She realized that Uber-scary couldn’t read or something similar. It was having her read, and since she wasn’t a player, it trusted her.

When he had her read the “death spells” she substituted them for something less lethal. He walked around pulling some books from the shelves and placing them in a bag of holding. “Please keep these safe for me in your inventory,” he asked her. She put it in her inventory chest and closed it.

Finally, he gave her heal serious potion and told her she was going to need that. He them clapped his hands, “The players should be coming very soon. So, lets make a good show of this, the gods are watching.” He bellowed.

“Throne room,” he said putting out an arm for Rebecca to take. A servant grabbed her gear and carried. She walked like a queen wearing a beautiful beaded dress and silk slippers. The librarian sat her on a throne at his left side, down a level. A servant put a chain around her wrist and chained her to the spot. “Ranged weapons and spells on the dead things first, then the magic users, and throw the Molotov Cocktails at any Bards,” he said. The only official thief in the party was Artimis and he was too low a level to worry about.

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