The cat is a human

Serenity covered her eyes with her paw as the bright light from Glens spell appeared. It’s amazing and the scratch in her tail was healed quietly. “ a healing spell I wonder if he can teach it to me” she thought. As they walking into the passage way serenity wolf form allows her to see the walls in more detail and smell all the individual goblins who attacked them. In her human form the smell might have been desisting to her as a wolf she did not mind.

As the party walked the boa constrictor that was her staff followed the party at her request. She carefully and mentally guided the snake away from traps. As they entered the room with the statue of a female goddess that she could only assume was Bethesda, The mother Goddess. As the snake entered the room it turned back into a staff. Serenity started to return to her human form her clothing magically were still on her. Unlike Artemis who she did not relies was a human. She looked around “am I the only one who has issues with the lack of nature in her” she said.

She watched as Artemis went behind the statue and turned her head sideways as she wondered why. The question was quickly answered when she heard a voice. “ umm. Artemis is a human why did his clothes not shift which him. And you Glen right what was that spell you used back there after the fight” she asked as she retrieved her staff. She thought for a moment then turned back to the group. “ please tell me someone at least has some pants for him.” She added.

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