Cyndel's Gaze

Cyndel's gaze drifted quickly from one face to the next noting the familiar and unfamiliar each in turn noting the arrival of all but one.

" Where's Artimis's wife ? "

Glenn still stiff from this ordeal and getting the unexpected attention from Cyndel. He looks around the room he looks over everyone. He sees that everyone was back to there form. He thought for a moment what they needed was rest food this was a safe zone so no attacks would come from here. He ran the people in the Fellowship through his memory then shouts “O shit” he looking back at Cyndel saying “your right, where is she? She is missing.” He looks around the room one more time. “Dam, I hope she is still alive” he says. He drops to one knee “I am still week from the poison give me a moment Cyndel” He says smiling.

“I will help us all” he pulls out a basket of food and places it on the middle of the floor casting. He holds out his hand palm facing out saying “Deus autem lux heroes Festum” the food is enveloped by a bright light as the light fades a white linen cloth covered the ground bring forth a great feast, including magnificent food and drink for about 20 people. “Eat all, in one hour this feast will disappear. This feast will give you several benefits. everyone is cured of all diseases and poison, becomes immune to poison and fear for a day, heals all hit point to maximum. If you eat the food or drink from the feast.” Glenn states. “Cyndel sit with me?” he ask

Dalin walk over getting some food he smelled the large turkey leg then bites in to it and says with a mouth full of food “wow this is good just like home.” As you watch him and others eat their injuries, cuts, bruises vanish. What ever the people eat and drink it is the best they ever had. Glenn sits against the wall. “Thank you, Aura, for blessing us with this feast.” He pulls out an ornate cloth and candle lighting the candle he prays.

About half hour later Glenn stops praying and signals for Artimis to come over to him. He reaches in to his pack and pulls out a box “this is for you, you can have what’s in it, I have no use for it may it protect you.” He said to Artimis. He watched as Artimis walk off with the box “you will need that armor” He says to himself. Glenn goes back to resting watching the others as they eat and help repair armor and other equipment.

Glenn still with the candle lit closes his eyes then says “Deus autem lux, Aut amicus Locate Omnis Mundi Creatura, locate reperio semita Locate her light of Aura” he opens his eyes looking at the group. “She is below us. I have a path to get to her when we are ready, I say we go get her. I do not know why she is there, but she is alive. The new party here with us will you help?” asked Glenn.

Dalin stood to his feet “hell well I am in for the right price I am here for the information and money” stated the Dwarf. Glenn pulls out a large jewel and tosses it to him “I guess I do owe you don’t I” Glenn said. Dalin examined it then smiled and declares “OK Tin man I am in I work for you now.”

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