Artimis put on his basic clothes that he had on behind the statue. It was an accidental mooning event of The Fellowship and friends.

He stepped out patting the statue’s but for good luck saying adamantly, “I don’t have a wife!” Then he continued, “The last time I saw that horse stealing archer, she got punched in the head by a gargoyle and collapsed right before the wall did. I suspect the multiple explosions from the magic and her exploding arrow cause the cave in.”

He went and sat down at the meal and ate and drank his fill. When Glenn called him over he took the box and opened it. He put on the new equipment and the cloak it made him feel like a proper thief.

As he watched Glenn working to repair his armor, Artimis went over and butted in. “Let me help you with that. It just so happens that I now have some leather that can be use to repair that broken strap,” he said. His nibble fingers still felt the effects of the poison, but he could manipulate things easily.

He took the peace over to where he was sitting. He pulled the strap and the buckle out. Laying it on the old leather he had, he cut a strap out of the leather he had wider at one end than the other. He did that for the front and the back. Then he then across the strap he made a slit in the fat end. He looped it through. He took out his thieves’ tools and the proceeded to punch holes for the buckles. He brought it back to Glen and helped strapped it back into his armor. “This is a temporary fix mind you. If I had needle and thread, I think I could do it properly,” he said with a little pride. “But,” he groaned as he pulled the strap tight and continued talking, “it should keep that shoulder guard down and in place till we get home.” The voice of his real mother came to him, telling him “Men need to know how to sew too. You never know when you will have an emergency and need it.” He looked at Glen with some intensity trying to remember and whispered, “My other name is Holt. But, I am having a harder time remembering the other me or my last name.”

He went around to the others to see what he could do to help them with repairs or preparations. When he came to Serenity he said, “Thank you for passing on my message to the party. The poison darts were bad, but the collapsing rock walls would have been much worse. It is good to know that someone can understand me when I am in animal form.” He wanted to hug her, but did not. He wasn’t the gray mouse right now, the arrogantly proud cat. He was Artimis, the bumbling low level thief. Then the thought hit him, who had a girl back at the inn that would kill him if he let himself get killed. The one that laughed at his jokes and listened to his dreams. He let out a sigh and patted the statues butt again as he walked past.

He asked, “Okay, Vader what else do we need to know about what’s coming up and this object? Who is going to save Rebecca?” He had the feeling that would be him. “And do we have a plan, Oh, Captain?” he continued looking at Glenn and trying to be funny.

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