A Kiss and a Question for all

Who is going to save Rebecca?” He had the feeling that would be him. “And do we have a plan, Oh, Captain?” he continued looking at Glenn and trying to be funny.

Glenn look up at Artimis and said, “when we are ready, we will make a plan to get Rebecca I will not leave without her or any party member.”

Glenn looked around the room as people were finishing up, he sighed then looked over to Cyndel looking into her eyes. “I was surprised by your welcome and I did a dishonor to you for not acknowledging you for it, for give me.” Glenn paused he seemed to be looking for words to say. “You remined me I lack passion at times. As for the kisses you gave me, was that how you feel or just trying to play with me?” he took a breath then looked over at the others to see if they were watching him.

He looked back at her “This is becoming bigger than I thought it would. This group is growing faster than I can maybe handle. I feel like some of my memories are fading from the real life. This was to be a game now I feel like this is life or death and in my life time I have seen a lot of death.” Glenn looked at the floor in thought then back at Cyndel. “Don’t think, I don’t like you or I don’t care, I do care, and I was happy to see you too.” He smiled “we can discus this latter when we get out of this place and where we can go from here.” he reaches up and touches her cheek with his hand brushing her hair to the side. “Now let get this cluster moving the faster we end this the faster we can move on.” He gives her a quick kiss then stands to his feet.

“Everyone” Glenn shouts out. standing facing everyone. “For the new adventures here, I am Glenn Davenpor…, Glenn Graystone.” He has a face of surprise, what was that he thought to himself am I forgetting my last name? what the hell is going on? Glenn regained his composure “we have been though a lot, and we all still have a little ways to go to get out of here. I have a party member being kept captive here I would like all your help on getting her back.” He paused and looked around to see if everyone was listening. “everyone should be at full health and fed.” He walked to the middle of the room.

“I came here to start on a journey to fined answers why we can’t log out and what happened with the last up date. If you come with me on this journey, I cannot promise we will find all the answers, but I will try to keep us all safe and alive to the best of my ability. I was a leader in the military, and I was reasonable for over 60 men for there welfare and safety. I pledge that now! If you join me I make no promises, but together we can do this.” He looks at everyone in the eyes one at a time.

With a confident tone he continues “it is up to you if you join this party called the fellowship.” He chuckles some. “I know, we stolen that one, but it fits. With are combined skills we can weather all challenges. We can protect one other and see this though to the end. So, I ask who is with me?” Glenn steps back where he was siting and watches to see who replies.

The dwarf Hammerfist laughs out loud. “spoken like a true leader” he stands to his feet. “So, you worked for the company, don’t think I did not see your title Inquisitor and you are telling me you don’t know what’s going on?” he lets out a quick laugh. “Ya right! What the joke on us?” The dwarf steps towards Glenn like to challenge him. “so, what’s the truth tin man?” he asks.

Glenn steps out almost like accepting the dwarfs challenge. “we are all in this I thought it was an easy fix we have different employees here from different sections we are all in the dark about this. After the update a lot of changes to the system happened most were not even Scheduled for years. if you are still alive that means your body is being taken care of or you would be dead by now. So, we can only hope they know what’s going on and are going to fix it.” Glenn says looking at the Dwarf.

Hammerfist strokes his beard then replies, “that’s scary, you look to be telling the truth I can see and sense that.” He steps back “even if we are stranded here if you pay well, I don’t work for free Inquisitor but why not, I will help for now. But If you are lying to me I will PK you Tin man!”

Glenn looked satisfied with Hammerfist reply. “Thanks, I think, I wish I was lying, and this was all a bad dream, but it is not. Anyone what to say something or join” asked Glenn.

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