Serenity smiled at Artemis. "I did not know you were a human what other forms can you take" she asked curiously. she wondered if his ability to change was similar to hers. or was her perhaps just a gifted human. she did eat some of the vegetables and fruit that Glen had conjured. They were indeed good the best she had ever tasted.

She spaced out for a moment remembering her old master. He was trying teach her how to shape shift that day they eventually they stopped to eat. the day was bright a sunny. they sat in the shade under the trees serenity watched the birds fly between the tree branches. It was not until Glenn spoke when she snapped out of her daze. she blinked shaking her head." Who...What?" she muttered as glen spoke confused for a moment she quick figured out what was going on though. " Im sorry I must have spaced out" she muttered.

Serenity stepped forward. " Do your respect nature at all. I will only agree to follow someone who understands and respects the delicate balance of nature." Serenity said. she watched Glen carefully. she was not a fan of being told what to do. that being said she could easily work in a team though she could be a bit stubborn and was not necicarly willing to follow some one else's rules especially some one she did not know.

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