Lift a glass

Artimis sat down near Serenity to eat, he ate the meat she passed on. He was happy to chew on flesh as he was still thinking about being a cat. But cooked meat was much better than flesh trying to kill you. This also tasted better than dirty goblin. “I have two forms, a cat as you have seen and a ferret,” he said sort of ashamed, because both were sneaky and not incredibly combative. “I have some ideas for a couple things that might make my cat form a little more dangerous,” he said in a very mater of fact way. “But I haven’t figured out the oppositely thumb problem yet. But Glenn’s armor gives me a couple ideas,” he said. The straps and buckles idea for plates was a good one.

Artimis raised his glass to Glenn’s call. He needed to steal that darn horse back from Rebecca. That meant she had to be saved. Plus his ideas for how to be a better thief and trouble shooter required him not sitting in a collapsing whole in the ground. He was also hoping that maybe he could find some armor that would shift forms with him.

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