What kind of beast

Serenity followed Artemis around the room she was also not interested in sitting down. Though she eventually stated to pause her movement more like a caged animal the a civilized elf. As the library of spoke of a guard to the door. “ what kind of beast is it that guards the door, is it intelligent” she asked. A strange expression on her face as she finally stoped pacing comes to a stop next to Artimis wife. She looked dead at the librarian.

She thought for a few more moments considering what had been said. “ fighting and violence are not always the answer. My old master taught me that” she said not really to anyone she was lost in thought considering options. She had not even realize she was speaking out loud.

“If the beast guarding the door Is intelligent perhaps we can reason with it” she sigested. Her idealistic mind being reviled and they thought. Though this was to be expecting as serenity’s player was an artist. Though her work focused on dragon she never depicted them and violent or dangerous. They were always depicted and kind and intelligent. So it made sense that she was looking for a solution that did not require fighting.

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