Kissing and Moving through

" The way is clear my friends." The Librarian announced. " This way please."
Glenn watch as the others started to get ready and move to the doorway where the Librarians servants were standing and waiting for the party to go though. They lined up ready to go. Glenn looked over everyone making sure everyone was ready to enter and complete the next part of the mission. He paused as the thought is this necessary. If they were going through to reset do, we need everyone? Will it effect the others if they don’t go? He looked at Cyndel and wondered if he would see her again and how this would affect him.

He waited for the party to move to the door he looked at Cyndel Hand he took her hand softly leading her in to a twirling her around in to him using his other arm and hand putting it around her waist. After she was lining against him, he let go of her hand reached up and cupping her cheek with the free hand. Looking in to her eyes he passionately kissed her for a time that seems forever holding her tightly. After the passionate moment. he smiled and said “I hope this will not end in tragedy for any of us. I don’t know if I can keep doing this.” He whispered. “I thank you for supporting me so far. I will see you on the other side.” He waited for any reply just looking in to her eyes deeply.

After their moment Glenn walked to the front of the group with Cyndel after reaching the door he looked at everyone. “It has been an honor working with all of you no matter what happens it has been a good time.” With that he turned he summons a shield. The Metal Knights Shield appeared on his arm strapped and ready. the emblems and symbols on his shield glowed with a gold light. He stepped through the door way saying “Victory!”

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