Commence "Operation Gandalf"

As the group conversed about The Librarian's demands and the plan to reach the Well of Souls Kara and Nathan listened intently.

"What your saying is that Account Support and Administrator Access is needed. So, if we use our access, we can fix stuff in this world but still can’t get out. You say that not only do you know where one Lock is but where several infact reside ... one of which can be found in the Well of Souls.”

Glenn's words piqued their interest.

"You think that could be the answer to our conundrum?" Kara asked internally to Nathan.

"At the very least, it sounds like a chance." Nathan said.

"I do hope whatever The Inquisitor is prattling on about is the key to separating us." Kara said. There was a pause and Kara could feel the silence in her mind. She frowned. "What is it?" She asked Nathan.

"You just sound eager to be rid of me. I thought..."

"Oh I didn't mean for it to sound so crass." Kara said. "I have grown very fond of your company, Nathan. I assure you. However, I would prefer if we could continue in a capacity where we can explore that relationship in ways we can't in our current state."

"You mean..." Nathan sounded unsure.

"I mean when we get you a new body, I'm going to have my way with it in ways you've only dreamed of." The way she said it would've had any man melting like putty in her hands.

Nathan had a renewed sense of motivation, obviously.

The Librarian stepped down from the raised platform towards the fellowship.

"So having addressed what must be faced at the end we now must address the horror that guards the 'Well of Souls' itself in this case the greater infernal known as Belrog. Thankfully there is only one but still even one alone is an almost impossible challenge on its own."

Lucinda looked up at the Librarian in shock. "A Balrog? Are you fucking kidding me?"

Zahn was nonplussed and merely put his hand on her shoulder. "Surely this stalwart group can find a way to best this abomination, my dear Lucinda."

"Do you even know what a Balrog is, Zahn?" Lucinda asked.

"Aye. I've seen Lord of The Rings. I figure as long as we find a Gandalf-type to toss into a chasm we will be golden." Zahn said with a cheeky grin.

"This is serious, Zahn." Lucinda said.

"I know, but I'll be damned if I let something like impossible odds from stopping me from joining a group trying to fell a Balrog to save the world. Think of the song I could come up with for that legend!"

Lucinda rolled her eyes.

The Librarians features grew grim at this point.

" The problem with this plan my friends is that the Infernal is not simply going to let you all walk through that door unchallenged. Someone needs to keep the beast occupied while the others make their escape. A sacrifice must be made I'm afraid and one perhaps more of your number must choose to make it. "

"Time to call Gandalf." Zahn said wryly.

That was when Vader went apeshit and drew his sword on the Librarian. It was becoming evident to both The Alchemist and The Bard that whoever this Vader was, he was trying too hard to come off as intimidating. Zahn made a gesture to Lucinda that implied the black knight wasn't well endowed in a certain area which elicited a small chuckle from Lucinda.

The plan was eventually in place. The higher level characters would distract the Balrog while the lower level players made a break for the door. Zahn and Lucinda were more than happy to be low enough level to not need to face the beast. However, upon hearing Glenn insist that Vader help the low levelers reach the door they became a little wary. It wasn't just the fact that Vader clearly had some sort of inferiority complex, the guy looked like a villain from a bad movie. Though at the moment, he seemed to have goals that were in line with theirs.

"In either case," Zahn said to Lucinda in a low enough voice so only they could ear one another, "we should keep an eye on our new black armored baby sitter."

"Agreed." Lucinda said.

Kara stood up and went to Glenn and was forced to watch with an awkward stare as he made out with Cyndel once more. Then Nathan took over and cleared his throat to announce his presence.

"I'm level 23. So I guess that means I'm joining you on this suicide mission." Nathan forced a smile. "Kara and I are better with melee weapons but I did put some points into archery so I can either help you in trying to whack this monster to death or cover you with arrows. Just let me know what you need from us."

"And hopefully we won't die." Kara said in his mind.

"To hell with dying," Nathan responded. "That Balrog's not going to stand between me and a night with a warrior woman!"

"That's the spirit, love." Kara said with an audible grin.

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