The kitty salute

With a bit of tenacity, a little bit of an attitude, and an internal one finger salute to “the Man” that got him into this. Not an index finger salute either. It was not the time for moral debates or thought. Time to do his duty. Heck, he would follow, correction, go with these people to hell and back and apparently this may be what they were doing.

He grabbed a couple healing potions and manna potions from the shelf. He wasn’t going to let his friends down. To the notice and approval of the Librarian. He tucked them in pockets and pouches. Then he called out, “Inquisitor, can you make some holy water before we go.” Artimis wanted to be prepared.

Rebecca waited for the chair to be pulled out and then went and retrieved her gear. An archer gave her a hand full of arrows and two vials, a sleep poison and another that would just kill you.

She watched the Librarian and Dark Elf with some amusement.”Playboys,” was what came out of her mouth.

As she walked over to Artimis she asked if he could use his little clean cantrip to clean the dress. He obliged but the result was an orange, red, blue, and green Mohawk, short but spiked.

Rebecca stated to laugh which gave him a scowl and that made he laugh harder. “Come on clown boy,” she said between snickers.

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