* Inside the Well of Souls

The fellowship walked the length of a long stonework passage until at last reaching a reaching a great portal made of bone and black iron.

The Librarian paused just short of the portal giving a nod to one of the Undead Stewards before turning to the group as the Steward step through the portal into the unknown that lay beyond.

"This doorway like its counterpart on the other side requires one of the Undead to be opened. I would advise against trying to return back through the portal this way without having the Death Knight open the passage first."

The Librarian paused than drawing a Talisman from his robes offering it Vader. " You will find that what lays beyond this portal is a little less than welcoming to our kind little brother. I offer you this, The Talisman known as the Eye of Necrolon to guard you against the nothing that awaits you beyond. Will you take it brother ?"

Vader laughed a cold hateful laugh as he pushed past The Librarian stepping through the portal and disappearing from view quickly followed after by the bardess Niko fearful it seem to be left behind by her Master.

"The horror, the horror..." Cyndel sounded giving a sharp laugh before following after the Death Knight. The others than following after one by one until only Greystone remained to follow after.

What lay beyond the portal was not what they had expected to find there. A vast seemingly endless dark gray sky over and an endless pale gray sea extending further than the eyes could hope to see in all directions, and then extending before them to an unseen horizon an ancient stonework bridge.

And then the voices … countless voices carried upon the unnaturally warm air. The sounds of screams and mournful cries for mercy. Voices young and old pleading and begging for release from torment.

All eyes than turned to the Undead Steward than as he stumbled forward a few paces and finally collapsed to his knees. A mournful cry of horror escaping his dead lips before he crumpled to broken bone and ash. The pale after image of a young man in robes lingering in the air a moment longer before it too faded into mist that was carried away on the breeze.

Vader for a moment faired little better stumbling a step or two than falling to one knee as he felt the unlife drain from him. His gaze fixing upon a the guard of his armor as it too began to rust and decay.

" Recuravi Un Otioque." Cyndel commanded in a whispered voice touching lightly upon the shoulder plate of the Death Knights armor. The spell quickly suspending the suits rapid decay. She then followed the first spell with another that quickly restored some, if not all the damage this acursed place had inflicted upon him.

" That should help some." she mused softly. " But while it can stop the decay of the dead for days. I don't know how long it will last in this place."

She seemed to be just about to say more when the soft hauntingly repetitive musical cords started playing in the background until the oddly familiar song took shape in the air around them.

" I think we're walking… " Glory announce motion down the length of the endless expanse of ancient stone as the pale image of a woman crying for her baby took shape and than vanished again into vapors of mist.

" I think I figured out why they call this place the 'Well of Souls' " Cyndel mused as she adjusted her pack and starting after Glory.

"Why, because it's a fucking hell hole where only the souls of the dead can reside?" Glory offered.

"Yay, That pretty much covers it…" Cyndel agreed.


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