Well of Souls Bridge

As he entered the new plane the Well of Souls his chest tightened, his strength seemed to live him. Glenn dropped to one knee the feeling of impending doom filled him. He had never felt this way before in his life. He looks up as he stood to his feet adjusting to the new environment. He could see some of the party struggling as well. his shield and Mace gold light was flickering fighting hard to keep its light active. Glenn watch as Cyndel helped Vader. As others were now standing and started to walk and talk to one another.

Figures of ghostly people were materializing then fading away in to viper blowing in the breeze vanishing from sight as they walked. He was startled by one it was Jonson a friend that died in an ambush in combat but that was in real life they had met in the game. Then the image changed to Jonson character Fistful the two images fluctuated be tween the two appearing and diapering. Jonson hand held out as if to say help me or maybe take it as his image floating in the air drifting back and forth with the breeze. Glenn started to reach out then stopped. How can a guy from the real world be here a ghost of the real man? What dose this mean, do we leave memories here in the game is this really a game. Glenn`s head started to hurt from all the thinking. He could almost hear him saying something but could not understand. Things were not right here, and they needed to keep moving. There what just enough light to see where they were walking.

The fellowship had started across the bridge it was stone and dark looking. The stone under Glenn`s feet seemed warm to the touch the air heavy. The ghostly form still fallowing him hovering over the ocean of souls and tears. His old friend reached out with both hands almost lunging at Glenn then in a puff of mist vanished. The others did not seem to be looking at what he saw instead maybe looking at there own or others that appeared around them. Glenn griped his mace hard as they got further on the bridge. He could only wonder when the Demons would come for them.

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