Serenity was quite affected by the magic of the well of souls. She found it hard to take even the smallest step the dealing of death around them was nearly suficating. This she only know animals who had died the goat Lt forms of them that appeared to her were not the truth there was something that twisted the soles of the animals. The did not appear to be there happy excited selves. She shook her head.” You are not really Garfield” she said to a costly orange tabby cat. “ My Garfield was happy and strong” she said her voice braking as she said it. She looked away.

Her gaze falling on Glenn she could see he was struggling as well. She fell back to be next to him. “ it’s a twisted version of reality it’s not real” the Druid said with a smile. It was difficult to smile here where she felt as if she would die she still did.

Lily her player know the power of a smile. Sometime a smile changed a persons day. She also know the power of art she had seen multiple times where her work had touched a person and gave them a reason to smile or made there day.

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