Old whispers - revised

As the group approached the end of the bridge, Artimis looked around. He tried to keep his focus on watching for traps that might trigger. But the visions kept coming and disappearing. They were starting to play havoc on his mind. These were Mobs, game constructs that should recycle. He thought, “Why are they stuck here?” The thought of a Mob purgatory kind of weirder himself out. Artimis wasn’t really religious in his prior life. But the thought of being tormented for who knows how long was heavy.

This place that wanted you to feel alone and powerless, he knew he was not. Artimis thought, “This is a game and those are just Mobs… Killing them is part of game play.” He moved a bit closer to Glenn to get in the light and Vader. High above them moving in the darkness the Shadows gathered, swirled, and danced. Whispers and taunts echoed down, "Give up...", "Just give yourself up to the game.", “You are a loser.”, and more. The taunts continued for a bit till new voices broke into his head.

As he looked up he froze at the sound of his ex-girlfriend's voice. His ex said, "I didn't think he would kill himself." then the sound of her crying. Something hit him in the chest like a semi truck riding a lightning bolt. His body convulsed and he fell to the ground.
"Son of a Bitch," was what came from his mouth, weak and near a whisper.
"What the hell just happened?" he asked.
"What a shitty way to go," his best friend said. Then truck backed up and hit him again.

There was a foreign thought that went through his mind and it was evil, “Good, I hope you both feel the pain you made me feel.” Then jealousy hit, “The bastard is going to us this to comfort her…” Finally rage erupted from his mouth in a scream of anger and pain. Those two would be in bed together before his body was even cold.

With the lich bond tainting her and the necklace’s protective powers Rebecca could not feel the dread of this place. The visions stayed clear of her. So, like a teenager flaming the internet with her rage, Rebecca looked at the group like they were her parents coming to bust up a teenage party of chaperone a high school dance.
“What is wrong with you people?” she asked with some ire in her voice.
“There is nothing here except some darkness,” she continued with a tone trying to get them to move on. She could not feel the taint of the Librarian on her and the necklace was protecting her. She was now Necrolon’s as well as her mother, Shar.

Rebecca rushed to Artimis when he collapsed in pain. She was about to put a hand upon him when the second shock went through him and his body leaped in a spasm of pain.

“What the hell is wrong with him now?” She asked Glenn and the others as Artimis panted trying to catch his breath. His head was throbbing, but he felt strangle free. He did not know that when the paramedics came to save his meat body, they pulled his plug and made him a ghost in the machine. Rebecca pulled up his menu, “Status: Link dead” it read. The status also read that Artimis was ready to level and probably had been for a little while.

Artimis being the opportunist let himself look hurt. He let Rebecca lift his head and back into herself. With his right arm he pulled her into his face at chest level. When she realized that he was moving, she tried to drop him but he pulled her down too. His head clunked like a watermelon being dropped and he let go. Artimis would smile for a long time, proud of himself.

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