Vader a player?

Cyndel frowned shrugging her shoulders. " The problem is that Haunted Tower is the closest but it’s like five days away and while I can port myself there easy enough, I can't port the rest of you with me."

Hearing the others talk Glenn reach down and pick up a stick he started to draw shapes in the dirt. He heard a new voice " You are players, correct? " the new comer inquired. Glenn looked up and said, “O shit, how the hell did you get in here?” Glenn stepped back in to a defensive stance. “You’re supposed to be in-game monster, Death knight class, undead knight.” Says Glenn taking a step forward. “Divine Sight” he speaks out loud. “I see” he pauses, “I don’t understand your come up as a player. But all your real information just says system known. you have no real life info.” Glenn looks down at his drawings then looks up “that confirms it, there is a third party involved. We had no why of making an AI this good the tech just is not out there.” Glenn walked over to Vader Stopped and turned to Cyndle. “We can take mounts rent or buy or if you have one, we don’t have to walk.” Says Glenn thankfully. “as for you it lists your name a Vader is that your name?”

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