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This is what they call foreshadowing

Vader paid the apparitions no heed. They were remnants of the vanquished living. Nothing more. Unlike himself, they could not affect the mortal realm, save to annoy its inhabitants. He passed by and sometmes through the incorporeal forms of countless heroes he'd slain over the centuries. They formed a thick crowd in fact, but could not so much as stifle his progress. Ghostly voices screamed in both anger and agony.

Then one, deeply familiar voice called out to him. He stopped in his tracks and turned. Before him, stood a redheaded warrior woman, clothed in bronze armor. He knew her... though he knew not from where.

"I...," he began be could find no words.

"Persevere, my warrior. The road has been long and arduous, yet you must march on. Follow your heart," she said before fading away amongst the crowd apparitions.

Suddenly he felt as though his armor had doubled in weight again. He struggled to keep his knees drom buckling beneath him. Who was she? Someone from his mortal past? He had to find out. So he clenched his fists and marched on.

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