* At The End

" Half-Goblin, Honestly how is that even possible? " Glory announced wondering aloud as she watched the Half-Goblin race after another coin she'd tossed in an effort to banish the annoying spirits before they appeared again. " I mean they are a parasitic race that always breeds true with its victims right ?"

" Your mistaking Goblin's for Goblyn's." Cyndel corrected. " The two are in fact two very different classes of subhuman's in game that are not even remotely related." Cyndel offered.

Glory frowned as she pulled another coin from her purse and sent it flying into the void. " That makes no sense at all Cyn."

Cyndel shrugged. " Well original the game setting only had Goblyn's which are kinda like dark elves in that they are an evil off shoot of elves. What we know as Goblin's however were introduced with the addition of Adult play systems rules as a nasty little … "

" Wait ... " Glory stopped in misstep her hand grasping Cyndel shoulder forcing her to stop as well just short of walking off the ruined and broken end of the bridge into what appeared as nothing but an endless void.

"Holy Shit…" Cyndel cursed sharply.

" I think we're here." Glory agreed.

Cyndel stared into the nothing for the longest time. " Here where, The fucking bridge just fucking ends."

Glory pointed to the air just beyond the ruined end of the bridge at a point in the air a fair distance on.

" The whole realm is tainted with trace dark magic. It's everywhere but there ... There is a big ass hole in the air just 20 to 30 metres out."


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