There's a hole in my bucket. - revised

Artimis received an appropriate slap for his effort. But the dumb grin on his face was real and he could cross of feeling up Rebecca off his bucket list now. It was clear that Artimis was claiming his effort a major immoral victory. He did keep leaning against Rebecca as he rose and continued walking with the group for a bit. Then he walked on his own. He gave Glenn a, “I’m not sure what happened” look but he also did not want to spend the time figuring it out link-dead was not a status he wanted to think about. Clearly this was just another malfunction. He was still here.

His status bar showed full health and the pain he felt was gone. Part of something had been taken out of him. He could still feel both of him together, but they were blending much like the ingredients in cookie dough in a mixer. It was getting harder and harder to separate them.

“Is a big worm thing going to eject itself from this and try to eat our space ship?” he asked pointing. As he did a mist of a shadow swooped down past them then above the well and vanished. “I’m not sure if I should be glad about that or worried,” he said to the group.

Artimis started to look around and examining the area. The bridge was in good condition, which surprised him. He expected more corruption and decay. He debated the urge to throw a rock over the edge then finally gave in to see if there was anything there.

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