* The Coming Hell

No sooner had Vader easily cleared the expanse between the ruined bridge and the invisible portal did a roar of rage echo across the whole of the twilight realm alerting them all that they had been discovered.

" That sounds like someone is a just a tad pissed off. " Glory announced as they collectively turned their attentions back down the length of the bridge to the side from which they had just come.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not so surprisingly they could just make out a red glowing light appearing at the bridges far end. A light that was steadily growing bigger and bigger as the Balrog grew closer.

Cyndel raced through a series of incantations creating a trio of Invisible barriers one after another in an effort to mount some kind of defense while the others escaped.

" I don't think that's going to … " Glory was about to offer as a flaming meteor slammed into the first barrier exploding into a wall of flame that was thankfully blocked by the second.

" You were saying… " Cyndel smirked.

Glory stuck out her tongue. " I stand corrected. "

Cyndel laughed quickly shaping a new set of barriers as the beast still nearly a mile away let loose with another pair of meteors. " Glory girl, grab a body and get your ass gone!"

Glory nodded and grabbed Serenity before the elf could offer much protest and than launching the pair of them through the void into the unseen portal beyond just before the flaming spheres of rock struck earth slammed into the bridge just short of the barriers.


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