The Last Jump

tacking account of his surroundings Glenn looked at setting a defective permeameter. He turned and looked as he heard Artimis hit the ground his body langue told him he was in pain and in his chest his breathing was irregular. ebecca rushed to Artimis when he collapsed in pain. She was about to put a hand upon him when the second shock went through him and his body leaped in a spasm of pain. “What the hell is wrong with him now?” asked Rebeeca Glenn looked at him closer he started to recover color returned to his face as she held him close. Glen raising his right hand palm out. his hand glowed a gold glow and Artimims started to glow as well. Glenn said “tactu sanitatem” casting some healing. “He will recover, I am not sure what happened. This place is having some unknown effects on all of us” said Glenn. Something was off with Glenn his tone was cold and distracted.

"I...," "Persevere, my warrior. The road has been long and arduous, yet you must march on. Follow your heart," said the Ghost Vader seemed to be renewed somewhat. But still troubles by this place as he looked in to the portal. Everyone seem to be dealing with their own demons. As the place seep in to their psyche. " Half-Goblin, honestly how is that even possible? " Glory announced. Glenn had wondered the same thing is this where the game data is stored somehow the collective memories the game picks up off the gear, He ask himself. Your mistaking Goblin's for Goblyn's." Cyndel corrected. " The two are in fact two very different classes of subhuman's in game that are not even remotely related." Cyndel offered.

Glenn started to think how this could impacted the game and the real world and the two merging. His concentration was interrupted by " Here where, the fucking bridge just fucking ends." Glory pointed to the air just beyond the ruined end of the bridge at a point in the air a fair distance on. " The whole realm is tainted with trace dark magic. It's everywhere but there ... There is a big ass hole in the air just 20 to 30 meters out" said Glory.

“Is a big worm thing going to eject itself from this and try to eat our space ship?” Artimis asked pointing. Glenn thought for a moment. Just as I thought memories are memories are here but how and how dose this change things in the RL and game really what the hell is the game doing and where dose this lead. Artimis started to look around and examining the area. was the first to look over the edge. The party just looked around the area unknowingly setting up a defensive perimeter. We have com a long way from the start is this over now will we get answers to are questions and a solution to are problems Glenn thought. He had walked to the edge as well looking at the structure of the bridge. He touches the stone it had been shear off and broken something big did this he thought to himself. He knew that did not have much time they needed to get moving. Glenn turned to Vader to say when "The whole realm is tainted with trace dark magic. It's everywhere but there... There is a big ass hole in the air just twenty to thirty meters out," Cyndel's Tiefling pet said. Vader grunted, "Well, there's no point waiting around for the Balrog to show up."

He pasted Glenn at a dead run jumping. Glenn had always was shock at Vader’s strength. Vader flew through the air hitting the portal it shimmered like jumping in to water with out the plash. No sooner had Vader easily cleared the expanse between the ruined bridge and the portal did a roar of rage echo across the whole of the twilight realm alerting them all that they had been discovered. "That sounds like someone is a just a tad pissed off. " Glory announced as they collectively turned their attentions back down the length of the bridge to the side from which they had just come. I don't think that's going to … " Glory was about to offer as a flaming meteor slammed into the first barrier exploding into a wall of flame that was thankfully blocked by the second. "You were saying" Cyndel smirked. Glory stuck out her tongue. " I stand corrected. "

Cyndel laughed quickly shaping a new set of barriers as the beast still nearly a mile away let loose with another pair of meteors. " Glory girl, grab a body and get your ass gone!" Glory nodded and grabbed Serenity before the elf could offer much protest and then launching the pair of them through the void into the unseen portal beyond just before the flaming spheres of rock struck earth slammed into the bridge just short of the barriers.

The dwarf appeared out of nowhere “Don’t you ever tell anyone, I need help jumping across, ya toss me” he said. Glenn “everyone across now!” as more the flaming spheres of rock struck the bridge exploding showering them with hot rock. Glenn ran and grabbed the Hammerfist together they turned and spun Hammerfist soared over to the portal Hammerfist going through with the others. He looked at Cyndel I am right behind you go!” she was in position to run and jump as the last Magic barrier fell “shit, incoming!” he yelled instinctively as more flaming spheres were inbound. As Glenn ran foreword, Glenn shouted “Jump now!”

the flaming spheres were at the top of their arc he slid to a stop as he dropped to one knee saying “Deus autem lux, Dei castra, divinum praesidium, divinum lumen” as he braced his shield resting the bottom of it in the ground. “Work Divine Fortress of protection” he mumbled. With a Flash of light as bright as the sun a circle appeared around Glenn engulfing the bridge the out line of the light stretched 120 feet. at the edges of the crucial translucent light shot up in to the sky. He could feel energy flowing through him as his strength grew his body got bigger just slightly as his Aasimaren blood flowed. The flaming spheres hit the Gold glowing field just exploding in to ash drifting down everywhere. Glenn watched as the monster got closer. He could see it now the Balrog running Roaring in anger as it closed Glenn light got brighter the heat was almost unbearable from the Balrog. As the Balrog entered Glenns circle of light it slowed.

“I am not done yet Balrog!, Warding Flare!” he yelled. as the Balrog took its next step in slow motion a flash of light almost like an atomic eruption of light shot out from Glenn`s shield. The Balrog roars in pain. Glenn looked back no one was there he had done It the delay action had worked. Hearing a whistling sound, he looked forward as the Balrog whip hit Glenn’s shield pieces of the Shield flew everywhere. Glenn pushed off with the impact of the attack sending him airborne in to the portal. With a pop he was on the other side with the others.

When he came to, he found himself on the moist, fungus covered stone floor of yet another place, the Balrog. Behind him. Now everyone looking at him and a row of iron bars so old and rusted that a gentle breeze would likely cause them to shatter and disintegrate. To either side, the walls were lined with loot chests of varying size and make. One in particular had a pair of purple, thong panties caught in the lid. He tilted his head to read the gold inscription on them. Glenn Looked up holding his arm. He lets out a grunt in pain “Dam its broken” he said laid there his armor smoking.

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