Dumb luck is my best friend...

As the others were crossing over, Rebecca lifted her dress up far enough to be able to get running leap. With the grace of a song bird, she made the leap to the other side. She straightening and smoothed her dress as if nothing had happened.

When destruction hit, Glenn engaged in battle. Artimis ducked and covered for the seconds after the sword and rocks exploded. When he looked up Glenn was flying through the air. Artimis grabbed his daggers and jumped for the back of the Belrog’s neck. Lightning was the choice for his Five Element Dagger and it landed in the upper right part of the neck. His second dagger hit down near the shoulder.

“Keep that VR rig on him and grab that laptop…. We’re loosing him. Give him some Eppi and shock him again,” a voice said.

The Belrog was about to smach him like a bug when the final jolt went through him. The jolt was out of this world and carried through his hands and the daggers and seemed to last forever. The effect was electrifying to say the least. Lightning erupted in and around the Belrog as the dagger and the A.E.D. on Artimis’ body let loose. Sparks flew and dust exploded. Artimis wet himself as the shock and fire wrapped itself around his flesh.

“Grab that laptop and take it with up,” came the voice as he started to black out. The Belrog seized and threw him through the portal.

The AED had put 420 joules of charge through his headset that was designed to take signals in the 1e-12 range. The power that came through the daggers was like hundred trillion joules. It was enough to cause the poor creature to explode, but Artimis wasn’t sure if he killed it or not.

When he later tells the story, he would have killed it all by himself. A statement far from the truth, but to tell the truth would make it not as interesting of a story. He would also ask the bards in the group to write the story for him.

Artimis bounced twice and slid to rest between Cyndel feet looking up. Smoke coming off his body and static still coming off the dagger, the plain dagger was melted to the hilt and a couple healing potions ruptured probably saving him.

Seeing double he spoke, “Nice, butts by the way.” He was referring to both Rebecca who had exposed herself while running and Cyndel who he as now seeing two of. He spoke again as captain obvious, “Apparently, Belrog’s aren’t immune to electricity and are highly conductive.” He closed his eyes and passed out. He did not move his arms.

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