Side quest: complete

As the others dragged themselves off the floor and sorted themselves out, Vader continued to look around the room. It was one of Necrolon's personal treasure vaults. Along the walls, hung swords and axes, spears and daggers, and other less easily identifiable implements. But one in particular drew his eye: a scepter topped with a ram's skull. Across the dead creature's brow, was the sacred seal of corruption. He instantly knew that was the artifact Corruptus had sent him to retrieve. Unnatural light bathed it, preventing the shadowy hands of the Dark Side from reclaiming it into the darkness.

Vader snatched it off the wall and instantly felt the call of the Dark Side. In one brisk motion, he shattered the bars and stepped out into the darkened passages of the dungeon and began to walk. As he did, he stripped away his rusted, black armor; first a gauntlet, then a vambrace. His breastplate fell by the wayside as well. Lastly, he lifted his helm from his head and discarded it. Then, not kneeling but standing, he stared into the fathomless darkness and knew that he was no longer alone.

The scepter was lifted from his hands and dissapeared into the darkness. Yet the presence remained.

"Who am I? Before I was a dread knight, I was a man. What was my name? What was my unrepented sin?" he asked, his voice cold and even, despite the swirling emotions.

There was no immediate answer. But he could feel his god's presence becoming ever more tangible. Then, an arm adorned in a bloodstained gauntlet reached out through the darkness. A single outstretched, claw-like finger touched his forehead.

"Ghaaaah!" he cried out and fell to his knees, clutching his head as a multitude of images flashed through his mind.

Amongst this cacophony of what he knew to be memories, the bare whisper of Corruptus' voice came to him:

"Your names was once Adam. You were the prince of a war torn kingdome called Eternia. You're sin? After a hard fought battle, you finally defeated and captured your arch nemesis. You'd lost many friends that day. Man-At-Arms, Cringer, Ram Man... all dead. Covered in blood and driven completely mad with anger and grief, you set to kill all of the prisoners. And when Teela, your love, sought to stay your hand... you murdered her too, before you're own troops took your life.

So tell me child of despair, does it please you to know that you killed your lover in a fit of rage? Is your reward worth the effort? I think not. Relieving you of your mortal past was an act of mercy that few are granted."

And then he was alone again. Just he and his memories. Blackened, poisonous tears welled up in his eyes and fell to the dungeon floor, killing the fungus that coated it and staining the rock for all eternity.

"Teela my love... How could I? Forgive me. I deserve this fate. I shall walk this earth for all time, ever plagued by the shame of what I did to you," he proclaimed.

"My love," a distantly familiar voice called out to him and he looked up.

The ethereal image of his lost love stood before him, clothed in the bronze armor that she once wore into battle.

"For centuries, I've waited for you to utter those words such that you might free yourself from this prison of decayed flesh and join me in the afterlife. Finally, you have repented. Corruptus holds no further sway over your soul," she said.

"And yet, I cannot yet leave this realm. Many others are in danger and will surely perish, should I abandon them, my love," he professed.

Teela smiled and winked, "I know. I know, because that's man I fell in love with so long ago. Until we meet again, Adam."

And then the apparition fadded and dissolved.

"No!" he cried out and lept forward.

But she was gone. Instead of wrapping his arms around her, he landed back on the ground. Before him, lay the great sword of Corruptus. He'd left it behind him, along with his armor and yet here it was. Vader picked it up and as he did, it began to rust and disintegrate before his very eyes. As the rust chipped and fell away, it revealed another sword hidden within. He instinctively knew it as the Power Sword.

"By the power... of Grayskull..."

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