Worthless - Prt 01

They called her Kat, a nicknamed she'd picked up early on most likely because none of the regulars at the club were sober enough to care or more simply because they where to high on something else to recall more than the first part of her name for those first few times she'd even bothered to offer it out.

Most only knew her as the token Goth girl who tended the bar at 'The Vogue' Fridays and Saturdays. When the club notoriously found itself short handed during the weekends when the live bands played and the shit hole was filled to overflowing with both the regulars and what Eddie called the flavor of the week crowd who only came to the club to see the popular bands when they played a gig there.

She was pretty enough under all the hair and make-up with perhaps a little more on the hips and a little less up top but Eddie wouldn't have hired her if she hadn't made the grade. The bonus in his opinion was that she was quite and wasn't big on flirting much which with the crowd at 'The Vogue' gave her an air of Mystique which the regulars just ate up. Honestly Eddie would have her working six days a week if it wasn't for the fact that she had a day job.


Its was well after midnight on a very slow Friday night when she was finally was able to pause long enough to check her cellphone only to roll her eyes before stuffing it back into her pocket and turn her attention to the mirrored behind the bar to touch up her make-up.

It had become something of a weekly ritual over the last year or so that her mother, who had more or less ignored her existence for the majority of her life, had suddenly felt an all consuming need to inject herself into every facet of her daughters life. Sometimes calling her some 20 or 30 times or failing to reach her leaving twice to three times that many text messages.

Mostly these were your typical cut and paste Bible quotes or some obscure opinion or commentary from some religious personalities like Pat Roberts or Billy Graham. When her mother was in a really obsessive mood she'd put assure all pretext of sanity and launch into assorted threats, mindless rants, and accusations of her daughter commuting the most perverse or amoral acts. Which often left Kat to wonder about her mother's sanity.

" Nothing from Chris huh? " Gloria the older girl that waited bar with her on the weekends inquired as she started filling a trio of mugs with beer.

Kat shrugged as she retouched the Blackrose lipstick she wore pouting her lips briefly before answering. " No, I don't think I was his type."

Gloria frowned and shrugged." He seemed like a nice guy."

Kat's reflection smirked shaking her head. " Weren't you the one that told me that they're all nice guys when they're trying to get into your pants. "

Gloria nodded. " Did I say that ? "


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