The Vogue' Fridays -Revised

Getting off of work Glenn walked to his car. He looked it over was he walked up seeing yet another ding in the door. He ran his finger over it and sighed and groaned. He had just bot the car about a month ago at a state auction. The all dark gray dodge charger police interceptor only had 75, 000 thousand miles on it. he had some stuff added to hit has he pushed the button on the remote the car started and the door unlooked. Glenn got in putting on his seat belt he pulled out of his parking spot he touches the screen on the dash and picked one of his play list Skillet Victorious and drove off.

Driving he saw his screen on the dash light up the message read “from Stone Vogue' Fridays night meet there?” He smiled saying to himself “why not” he pushed the reply OK and ketped driving Glenn had just got out of a work meeting, so he was dressed ok nice jeans button up shirt nice belt and shoes. He thought on the strange request of the management to let a hole additional network to be added to the world network they already had “expansion, to what” he said to himself he looked at the clock wow it was late 10 pm another marathon meeting. Making some turns he arrived downtown parking garage. He parked and put the ticket in the window as always. He locked the car activated the alarm and started walking to the club.

Glenn thinking while he walked, he did not like going to the cubs much they were crowded and loud. his doctor said it would be good for him to socialize. Glenn was meeting some old army buddy’s he had served his time over 20 years and had met a lot of people but for 10 years there was two guys that he works with. Stone and Shaw he had not seen them in about six months and shy they were in town Glenn new not to ask. They both now worked as special agents for the government doing what they use to do in the Army Cyber Investigators. He looked up when he heard the music coming out of the club. He walked up and waited for a moment for his turn to go in the man at the door as bigger than Glenn by about four inches in height. Glenn smiled paying the entrance fee the man at the door looked him over and waved Glenn in.

Walking in Glenn was instantly hit with sound of music blasting form the stage the smell of alcohol mixed with people cramped together in a small place. He made his way to the bar checking out some of the woman on the way. he had not been in here much he did not even go out much. Glenn found a spot at the bar he looked around for his friends they had not showed up yet. “Dam” he mumbled. He looked down the bar the bartender was a girl he heard one of the guys yell out “Kat! another beer!” the woman grabbed a mug and went to the draft and quickly filled the bug and placed it in front of the man. she took the money off the bar and handing him change.

Glenn waiting for his turn when his phone buzzed he pulled it off of it belt case it the phone recognized him and authentication. The message showed Stone “sorry Chief, we got called in maybe tomorrow.” Glenn touch the key pad and replied “NP”. He looked up and sighed. Putting the phone away he saw that Kat was in front of him wow that was fast he thought. “Kay right?” she gave a smile “ya what do you wont to drink” she Asked over the nose.

She was cute enough under all the hair and make-up with perhaps a little more on the hips and a little less up top. dressed in a semi tight T-shirt jean with the bar logo on it and boots. He looked kinda Goth Glenn thought. But her eyes were the most attractive part a bout her. He faces changed to frustration when Glenn knew he got cot staring at her eyes. “O sorry, RC, if you would.” He said rapidly. Glenn had not had a Rum and coke in a long time. He pulled out his debit card he placed the RC in front of him and took the card. He could tell she was not the most outgoing but still something about her. Glenn sat there for some time watching her work trying not to make it too obvious. He could tell she was not stupid and gave him a look. The other women be hind the bar gave her a nudge and laughed waking to another part of the bar. Glenn knew he had to be blushing some from the reaction of people around him. Kat stopped a few times and talked to Glenn they made some small talk but nothing serious. It was late and Glenn had to get home. He had decided this he was to old for this stuff most of the people in her he could be there father. He paid his bill and thanked kat for the talk and left for the drive home.

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