A Night to Remember

The day started with the usual repetition, taking care of himself so that he could get to work as quickly as possible.
Logging in and making sure his equipment was working with minimal lag, the first thing Samuel did was to check his messages. By the time he woke up he usually had around six or seven orders already, though today there was a rare but familiar message.
The very flashy letter titled Reynholm Industries instantly drew his attention.
“Dear Al Ker, we were hoping to hire your services to test out a new update. As we have a previous work history with you, your input would be most useful. If you accept our offer, you only need to be at the address below.”
—2 hours later-
After getting his mother to drop him off a block away so that no one saw his mode of transportation, Samuel made his way to the designated meeting area. A coffee shop.
He had never been to this part of the state, the company preferring a different pick up spot each time to avoid fans or press.
Walking in, he saw a man he knew well.
“Mr. Edison, a pleasure you could join us.”
The stiff smile was accompanied by a formal gesture to sit next to the four others gathered.
“Sammy! Whats up man? You haven’t been in any of the major cities in a while.”
Another young man like himself stood to greet Samuel, the two performing a small handshake before sitting.
“Been busy, you know? My recent jobs been taking me to the newer zones added on”
“Ahhh, well let me know when you get back, been itching to do a duo crawl.”
The two only met online, Samuel being too much of a homebody to want to go anywhere outside. He couldn’t even remember his friends name, only his avatar’s.
“I should be back within a week, I’ll send a message when I am.”
With pleasantries exchanged, the focus of the group went to the well dressed man patiently waiting.
Although trying to be discreet, the man they always sent looked like someone protecting the president, “blending in” with a spotless business suit and well managed hair and stubble, no matter where he was.
“So then Mr. Abbot, what is this update?”
Leaning forward in his chair to speak softly, the group had to lean in as well to hear him.
“The company wants the specifics to remain under lock and key, all I can say is that this will be an overnight testing and that your job is to see if the update can be given without the usual fuss of shutting things down.”
Samuel was in the middle of texting his mother about the time frame when he heard the last bit. He wasn’t educated in game programming, but he had an idea of how monumental it would be to update on the fly.
After the short rundown, Abbot stood and walked to the back door, being sure to tip the store well for its cooperation. Knowing the drill, Samuel quickly followed behind him.
The back led to a small parking lot used for employees, which allowed for more privacy. Abbot unlocked a minivan at the end of the lot, the doors opening automatically to allow the group inside.
“Come along children, this is a night you will not want to miss!”

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