A Night to Remember pt. 2

"Alright ladies and gentlemen, if you would suit up and log in?"
Mr. Abbot stood on the other side of a mirror that took up an entire wall. This allowed the other employees of the company to observe the video feed of the gamers and the gamers themselves in case of any medical emergency.
Once again, Mr. Abbot stood like a secret agent, legs slightly apart and hands behind his back. The only thing missing from his persona was the dark glasses and ear pie- Samuel was actually surprised to see him place a finger on his ear and begin talking.
Of course he had an earpiece.
"Hey Sammy. Fletchers Forsaken Inn, remember that? I found a sweet hidden dungeon near there."
Giving a smile and a nod to his friend, Samuel went through the familiar steps to put on the gear the company provided. They really went above and beyond for the testers and he loved it.
He heard Mr. Abbot speak through the headset just before they logged in.
"Remember, we are expecting a few bugs, but do not be alarmed. Continue to play unless the bugs are too damaging or until we recall you. Happy Hunting."
Everything from there went smoothly. While the others had a list of characters to choose from, Samuel only needed one.
Al Ker roared in response to being chosen, the visor switching to the loading screen.
As he waited for the bar to fill, Samuel felt off, like a switch had been shut off in his head. He briefly heard his friend mumble something into his mic before everything went black.

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