Memories and dreams/Dreams

It was about 8:00 in the morning on Thursday when Lily AkA Kitty as she was known to the other students walked into the ceramics studio. Her bucket of tools in her right hand her cell phone in her left. She had a set of her cat ear headphones on as usual and was listening to a book Star Wars Treason By Timothy Zahn. It was the final book in her current favorite series.

She quietly set up her area. Her favored spot was the back left corner of a table in the front far left of the ceramics room. The airflow in that spot was perfect for her work. The studio was quiet this early class did not start until 9:30. She along with several other ceramics two studio students tended to come to class early and take advantage of the quiet before class.

She went back to the sore room and pull her work for the day. A small cup made to resemble a bear stein. It had a wood grain pattern on it already all it was missing was the dragon. She rolled her eyes at this thought. The night before she had a Dream about finishing the pice. Unfortunately it was just a Dream and she had a lot of work still to do.

It was not long before she found herself in that trance that many artists describe. Where the entire world falls away and all that matters in what you working on. For her it was the asian Style dragon that she had positioned she be climbing up the handle of the cup. She wondered how old he was? What was his name and why he was climbing on the cup. Before she knew it 9:30 rolled around and the rest of the class was starting to show up. After a few moments the ceramics one students stated to gather around her wanting to watch her work. Of coarse Paul the instructor eventually showed them away and sent them to working on there own project.

Serenity wandered through the woods it was a beautiful night and she could not sleep. Something was demanding her attention but what she did not know. Perhaps it was excitement. She had finally become a moon Druid. She had trained her entire life for this.

But no it was not that. As much as she wished it were it was not it was something outside there small dark corner of the forest calling her. Her master had written it down to youthful restlessness. He had told her it was just a phase it would pass and the phases of the moon did.

She did not want to leave but know she could do more good elsewhere. So she made up her mind. The following morning she would tell everyone good by and set out. She needed to see the world and find out what was calling her to leave her home.

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