She got me a what????

Holt woke with a jolt. His head hurt and his gut mouth was dry. He felt like someone stuffed a bag of cotton balls in his mouth then blew hot air from a hair dryer into it. It hurt to move. As he lifted his head from the table, a micro screwdriver fell from his cheek. Saliva making it stick to his face for a moment. Little vodka bottles were stacked next to the Mountain Dew bottle he was drinking from. It had been spiked.

“Go throw up, take a couple aspirin, and drink a lot of water,” he roommate said sitting on one of the three couches around a knee high table holding a few pizza boxes. He was prepping for the next gaming session.

As he moved, he noticed his arm hurt. As he twisted he noticed the red from irritation on his arm. It was a Balrog killing a knights horse with Darth Vader’s armor in a pile. In five color ink.

“Present from you girlfriend. Who knew there were tattoo artists that would make house calls,” his roommate made some notes on paper and turned the page. Holt touched it and winced at the pain.
“Put a bandaid on it for a couple days,” his roommate said.

They had talked about getting a little tattoos, but this was a my Mom is going to kill me size. He sighed.

He followed his roommates instructions and went to sent off an email to the company. “The induction interface is working well, we need to reduce the gain slightly as it is overly sensitive and the yield for the outputs left marks on my temples. I will adjust hem and try it again on tonight’s load.

Also falling asleep in the rig causes some weird dreams. -Holt”

He was the only undergrad that was accepted for the research project. He was getting a scholarship to college to play games and test out the next generation of hardware for the VR rig.

He grabbed a slice of pizza, and headed to what he hoped was not his death. The room was not spinning too badly. He needed some sleep before the next round of testing.

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