What doesn't revive you, only makes you stronger

As he stood, holding the Power Sword before him, Vader felt the Dark Side's connection to him wane. He had fallen from Corruptus's grace. Yet, as the lord of corruption's energies ceased to flow through his leathery veins, another, far more ancient power took its place. The power of Grayskull now sustained him. And in that moment, he felt a fraction of the greatness he once knew in life return to him.

"You are the most powerful man in the universe," a familiar female voice whispered into his ear.

"Sorceress...," he whispered thankfully back into the cosmos. Then he held the sword high above him and said, "By the power of Grayskull!"

White hot energy (accompanied by a really upbeat soundtrack) erupted from the heavens above and split the earth open until it reached the tip of his sword. He felt his HP fill to overflowing capacity and all of his stats boost to superhuman levels. Looking down at himself, he was once again adorned in full plate armor. But where his old set was the color of midnight, this new one was a dark grey, with a flared red cross in the center of the breastplate.

"I have the power," he said.

Behind him, Vader heard footsteps quickly approaching.

"Master, where the hell did you go?" Niko's pouty voice came through the darkness. Then, as she nearly bumped into him, "Holy shit, who are you?"

He couldn't help but laugh.

"Master? By Corruptus, you've changed your armor," she said.

About fifteen minutes later

"What?!?" Niko shrieked.

"I've renounced my allegiance to Corruptus. I'm now a Fallen Dread Knight," Vader repeated.

"But I just converted!" the Asian girl whined.

"Worship as you wish. It is of little consequence to me," he replied as they rejoined the group.

"But it's not as cool without you," she went on.

Vader ignored the remainder of her babble. Instead, he looked around at the rest of the group. They all seemed to be standing around, lost in thought over past memories. It was weird, but then again they were players. So he took the time to look over his stats for any changes.

'Veil of Corruptus' was greyed out in accordance with his new status. 'Dreadful Countenance' and 'Orb of Fear' were still intact, though. Additionally, there was a new skill listed: Call Of Grayskull - Refills HP completely and significantly boosts all combat related stats for a short time. Nearby enemies take ethereal lightning damage. Nearby steed receives stat boost as well. Requires Power Sword to cast.

Huh, and look at that. He wasn't chaotic evil anymore; chaotic neutral.

"So you see, child of corruption? I did win. Corruptus may have his trinket back, but I've robbed him of his mightiest champion-," Necrolon's voice began to whisper to Vader.

"Rot god, I am still your enemy. And you've only succeeded in making me stronger," Vader whispered back.

There was no reply from the god of undeath.

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