Shocked an awed

Artimis looked in awe at Vader and even more so when he drove the sword into the ground. He moved over and said, “Excuse me, can I get a capture with you.” Moving over he pulled up the menu and waited for an okay. Yes, he was probably annoying the guy. But how often do you get to be with Lord Vader.
He turned his attention back to the group as he checked Vader out. “I think if we could get to the rendering engine algorithm we might be able to get it to dump us out,” he said, “ I’ve already pulled my VR rig apart and examined it. He looked at Vader’s sword. “Or it might kill us,” he said.

“Vader, could I bother you to see if you would put a rune on a dagger for me? I’ll try to help you figure this out as best I can,” having a Death Knight as a friend was better than fighting him.

Still being a noob character, he needed equipment.

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