Not Alone

Downing another mug of beer, Al Ker couldn't think what to do or where to go from here.
It had been several days since he became stuck in this world, trying in vain to find someone he knew. Now he was left in a random tavern somewhere, looking at an odd invitation.
Wait... when had he received this? As if compelled, he paid the bartender and ventured to his steed, a beautiful but generic horse breed that looked like a real-world Clydesdale.
-Several days in-game travel-
The location indicated on the card was a magnificent building, clearly built for nobility. Walking to the front of the line and showing his invitation, he was glad to use his notoriety to skip waiting for who knew how long. Taking in the sight of the main hall, he marveled at the stain glass portraying mighty feats and the wealth that filled the room. Silks and jewels adorned much of the furniture, but the greatest sight was the throne. Although presently empty, the man who would occupy it stood close by, talking to other nobles.
He waited to greet himself, biding his time for the room to fill and the man to sit down. Before he could make himself known however, a great fanfare announced the arrival of a group.
They were PC's. They seemed to have been online for a while, moving with little confusion and actually appeared comfortable in their avatars. He had to talk to them, but not with all of these NPC's around. He shivered at a distant memory, then realized just how distant it felt. Like it had been years ago. Focusing on this only made it worse, making him shake his head and growl with frustration.
He saw a druid and a rogue separate from the group and followed them. As he watched from the shadows, the rogue got wasted, leaving the druid the only one he could approach.
"I am sorry to interrupt, but it has been so long since I have seen another PC. Are you guys stuck too?

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